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Sulantrix is a UK-based Biotech company focused on modulating ‘zombie’ proteins belonging to the pseudokinase target class with new small molecule drugs to treat cancer


Our Mission


To create medicines which provide a real benefit to patients suffering from tumours where treatment options aren’t available or where existing medicines have stopped working

Our Team

Sulantrix Team David Williams

David Williams


Sulantrix Team Patrick Eyers

Patrick Eyers


Sulantrix Team Peter Woodhall

Peter Woodhall


Sulantrix Team Emma Fairweather

Emma Fairweather

Screening Specialist

Sulantrix Team Patrick Eyers

Yong Li


Sulantrix Team Emma Nolan

Emma Nolan

Non exec

Scientific Advisory Board

Sulantrix Scientific Advisory Board Team Phil Cohen

Prof. Sir Philip Cohen

SAB Member

Sulantrix Scientific Advisory Board Team Elton Zeqiraj

Prof. Elton Zeqiraj

SAB Member

Sulantrix Scientific Advisory Board Team Professor David Spring

Prof. David Spring

SAB Member

Sulantrix Scientific Advisory Board Team Simon Cook

Dr Simon Cook

SAB Member

Sulantrix Scientific Advisory Board Team Natarajan Kannan

Prof. Natarajan Kannan

SAB Member

Sulantrix Scientific Advisory Board Team Karen Keeshan

Dr Karen Keeshan

SAB Member

Clinical Need


The pseudokinase drug targets that Sulantrix are pursuing play central roles in a variety of hard-to-treat solid and blood-based cancers. Inappropriate pseudokinase presence is a central driver in a variety of human cancers.

Our key indications have significant unmet clinical need, including triple-negative breast, prostate, colorectal, lung, head/neck and ovarian cancers as well as drug-resistant leukaemias. The medicines we are developing will be both primary major treatment options for unmet need and for cancers where resistance prevents existing therapies from working.

Science & Technology

Pseudokinases are catalytically sterile, in that they do not appear to function as enzymes in cells. However, their unique control functions in normal cells are subverted in diseases such as cancer, making them very attractive drug targets. Sulantrix is particularly focused on the pseudokinase class, which can become dysregulated in many of the hardest-to-treat cancers

The team are using their decades of knowledge garnered from the protein kinase field with state-of-the-art multi-omics pseudokinase platforms for new discovery and target validation, alongside high-throughput screening, cheminformatics, AI-based technologies for the creation of small molecular weight drugs

News & Resources

Bio 2023 International Conference, Boston, USA, 5-8 June, 2023

Our CEO David Williams and CSO Patrick Eyers will be attending the Bio2023 conference at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center Boston 5-8th June. Find us through the One-on-One Partnering system to hear about our exciting progress targeting pseudoenzymes for cancer therapy.

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